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Omerica Organic Has…Buttons?

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Yes, they do.  Omerica Organic just added a brand new plug style which, in my opinion, is one of their coolest ideas yet.  Buttons!  But with real thread incorporated into the plug.  These are made with two different styles of wood that pair perfectly together.  You can get your hands on these for $80-90 dollars depending on the gauge you want.  But don’t forget you can get 20% off by using my personal discount code – JMFROMAS – Here’s a bit more info about these:

“Gorgeous Wild Olive buttons, adorned with red thread, and securely set in Chechen. Red string or thread holds significance in a number of cultures, we hope these bring you lots of good luck!”

So what are you waiting for? Go check these out and get yourself some well de...

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Omerica Organic Has New Styles!

[Use the rep code JMFROMAS for 20% off of your order]

One of my favorite companies to buy plugs for my ears from is Omerica Organic, they have top of the line organic woods that they use to make the most badass plugs ever.  Don’t have stretched ears? That’s fine, they make belt buckles, dog tags, t-shirts and all kinds of other stuff too!  Want to know more about the company and how they keep their business as green as possible? Read the review I wrote on my first order from them right here.

I’m here to inform you that they have two new styles out that I really dig.  If you’re a fan of Oreos, you’ll love these!  They look just like everyone’s favorite cookie only TINY(well..depending on the gauge your ears are stretched to haha)  They’ve named them Double Stuffed(get it?) and they loo...

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Omerica Organic Review

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Have you ever had someone custom tailor your jewelery just right for your needs?  I didn’t think so.  But that’s exactly what Omerica Organic does with each and every order they get.  They specialize in custom made wooden plugs but they also craft all kinds of products like belt buckles and dog tags, all made of wood, of course.  Omerica strives to stay as earth friendly as possible, they plant over 700 trees a year to help replace the ones they use to make their products, they also power their entire workshop and office with WIND power.  How awesome is that?

Omerica only uses the finest of high quality woods, my personal favorite is Zebra Wood.  It’s light in color and has black stripes all through it...

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Holiday Leftover Sale At Suburban Hijinx!

After Holiday SaleThis isn’t exactly t-shirt related but I’ve always had great customer service from this place and the selection is pretty effing good.  If you have stretched ears and you want some nice new plugs, check out Suburban Hijinx, you won’t be dissappointed.  Sale ends 1/11/11 so don’t wait forever!

Not enough for you? Read the review I wrote a while ago here!

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Suburban Hijinx Review

This isn’t t-shirt related, but this company is awesome and I want to give them a nice review since I think they are doing just about everything right.  Suburban Hijinx sells gauges and plugs for your ears(not your butt, as they say so themselves).  They also have a selection of t-shirts, but their main focus is jewelery, and for $5 a pair, you can’t find a better price!

Suburban had a sale not too long ago and I decided to pick up some plugs for myself.  Their packaging is pretty spiffy, they use some ultra shiny black bubble poly bags(was that too many words to describe a bag?)

I expected this to be just like any other time I buy plugs, but much to my surprise, I got all kinds of stuff!  Not only did I get my awesome, great quality plugs that I ordered all packed neatly in their own ...

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