New Vicious History Tees

Vicious History - Cemetery Bell

Vicious History is finally back with 4 new shirts, and it’s rumored that Chaz(VH owner) is going to stick to more frequent releases. All good news! Personally, I really dig the new line, my favorite piece being one done by Craig Robson(pictured).

It’s titled Cemetery Bell, and printed on American Apparel tees with a screen printed neck tag. I love it!

The four new shirts definitely look different than most of VH’s previous releases, but it appears to be working quite well as there has been a ton of positive talk about the line. I hope to see more tees like this in the future, I like them more than the old stuff, and the old stuff is awesome too!

I won’t keep you here reading forever, go check out the other three tees from the new Vicious History line and grab your favorite, they’re all going for $26.

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