Planet Annihilation Review

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been pretty busy. Plus the weather has been great recently so I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, it’s been awesome.  Anyway, today I have a review of Planet Annihilation for you.  I’ve seen this brand before while looking around on and I always thought the designs were pretty cool, now I have their World Devourer shirt to show you!

The tee came in a custom printed poly mailer, pretty basic but it definitely does the job.  Everyone pretty much cares more about the goods inside anyway, right?! Right.

Planet Annihilation PackagingPlanet Annihilation prints on American Apparel so I knew I was getting an awesome shirt right from the get go.  The print on this is super soft even with all of the colors involved with the design, everything is nice and clean and it looks great.  As far as space monsters go, I’d say this one has it pretty good, being printed by such an awesome brand and all.  Hector, my kitten, also approves.

Planet Annihilation TeePlus factors include a custom printed neck label and a die cut sticker being used as a hang tag.  The only suggestion I would make here is that if you’re going to print stickers, at least add your brand name to them.  Planet Annihilation has their brand and website on the back of the sticker, but people generally just throw that part away and you want them to have something to remember the brand by so they’ll come back and buy more later.  Just a little word of advice =)

Planet Annihilation TagAll in all, I don’t have one complaint about this shirt, it fits a little more snug than my other American Apparel shirts but that’s to be expected every now and then.  If you’re looking for some different shirts that stand out then I suggest taking a look into Planet Annihilation because for only $20 a pop you’ll be getting a top notch tee that you’ll most likely never see someone else wearing.  Already have a shirt from PA? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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