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If you guys remember I wrote an article a little while ago about KTB Brand and now I have one of their shirts to review =)  If you haven’t read up on the brand you should do so here.  As I mentioned before my favorite shirt from KTB is their Panda shirt, and that is the shirt I’ll be reviewing today.

The shirt came in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  Simple and effective, got here in about 2 days too!  Inside it was neatly folded, which is always nice, no wrinkles to be found!

As for the shirt quality, I’m not sure what kind of blanks KTB prints on but it feels like Gildan or Hanes(checked with the owner, it is Alstyle(AAA)).  Definitely not American Apparel or anything.  Either way it fits well and feels durable, it’s just not quite as soft as some other shirts.  Maybe I’ve just spoiled myself with higher end tees haha.

Print quality, as you know, is a big deal to me, I don’t like scratchy inks or inks that are laid on super thick.  This tee is definitely on the scratchy side, it’s a little thick too but not awful.  I hope it softens up after a few washes.  If I rub my hand on it it sounds like sand paper.  It’s also very shiny in some spots.

Please don’t let this turn you off from trying out this brand, I’m not saying that ALL of their shirts are this way, just that this one is.  And even still, this may not be as big of a deal to some people.  There are still lots of great things about this shirt that I want to tell you.  Some of them being the custom printed tag on the inside, which is actually pretty funny, and also the brand name printed on the back of the shirt by the neckline.  This makes the shirt look much more professional.  Here are some pictures:

KTB Brand is running a great business here and I am happy to have helped them out, even if only a little bit.  They are having a Black Friday sale right now, all of their tees are $8-15, which is a great price for a quality t-shirt.  Go buy some!

4 comments to KTB Brand Review

  • daewooparts  says:

    i am still going to scoff up some of there tee’s great designs that are way better then the lame east coast mainstreet garbo imported junk !

    • angryspade  says:

      I agree, I love the designs. Don’t get me wrong, this tee is awesome! I’m only giving my opinion here, I would never tell someone never to go buy tees from somewhere just because of a rough print. That would be dumb! =)

  • daewooparts  says:

    i just did a review of the KTB brand “shocker” tee ,i had this tee for about 6 weeks , i have worn it and it gone thru 10 complete wash and dry cycles,i am impressed with the quality of there tees,the neck holds up well,no saggy streched or frayed neckline, the sleeves are also well made , all the stitching held up great, the screening is just like new ,no cracks or peeling,fading is not even a issue with this tee., i wish i could post up photos of it,i did post them on KTB fanpage,did a complete review and posted photos,i am very impressed with KTB :) X

    • angryspade  says:

      Thanks for coming back and sharing your thoughts after picking up some tees! I appreciate the extra feedback =)

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