Daily Archives November 7, 2010

KTB Brand – Started By A K-Town Boy!

Normally I would describe brands to you in my own words, but in this case, the owners words sound lots better, so, – KTB Brand is a clothing line that started out in Koreatown (K-Town) located in Los Angeles, California by a hard-working, ambitious K-Town Boy. KTB Brand is all about having fun and keeping it not-so-serious.” I think it’s really important to have fun and to smile and KTB seems to be trying to make that happen.

Panda Loc

I love this panda!  But who wouldn’t love a gangsta panda on their tee?  This is coming from the girl wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt right now though.  KTB Brand’s tees are going for $10-20 but you can get free shipping with the code..er..freeshipping.  That is a pretty good deal!

Classic Crossbones

As far as logo tees go, I’...

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