Big Long List Of Hoodies!

Also known as a hooded sweatshirt, the hoodie is a widely popular article of clothing worn in the colder parts of the year.  The hoodie can either zip up or be pulled over the head.  (Yea, I know it wasn’t necessary but it was fun, don’t judge!)

I decided it would be appropriate to make a big long list of hoodies, so, here goes:

Cherry Sauce Clothing - Dino Jeep

Brutal Knack - Deathclock

Shatterproof Clothing

Fresh Dough - Fresh Goo

604 Republic - Jeeves3000

The Wonderful Life - Eagle Hoodie

Pulse Clothing - Pulse Jacket

Ugmonk - And Then I Woke Up

Brains & Beauty - Crossbones Hoodie

Brains & Beauty - Crossbones Hoodie

CX City - Look Back

CX City - Look Back

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