Tee Spotter Weekly – Twin Horizon Review

This weeks Tee Spotter Weekly is a review of an awesome brand from China. Twin Horizon was nice enough to send in a tee from their new line and here is the review. The tee is super soft and nice quality, there won’t be much shrinkage and it definitely isn’t going to warp like some other tees. The printing is also super soft and well done. The only thing I think that needs worked on is their branding and presentation. But, like I said in the video, that will come with time. Overall, Twin Horizon is a great brand and you should give them a look. Check them out over at TwinHorizon.com

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How To Best Use Twitter To Promote A Clothing Line

This episode has been a long time coming, and took more planning than I expected. But here it is and I hope that it helps you guys to better leverage Twitter when promoting your businesses. If you didn’t already know, I’m doing a series of these on different social media platforms, the next one will be about Facebook so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that. But for now, here is this weeks episode on how to best use Twitter to promote a clothing line. Enjoy! PS- the best advice didn’t even make it into the video(sorry!) I added it to the very end of the post though.

Here’s an overview of what has been learned in this episode:

Engage – Spark up conversation with your followers and show them that you’re human, not just a salesperson behind a keyboard.

Be Consistent – Don’t drive poten...

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Tee Spotter Weekly – Inkefx Contest!

This week on Tee Spotter Weekly we have 3 brands to feature, some of them have new tees, some of them don’t, but all of them are awesome! Ugmonk has been one of my all time favorite brands for a very long time, and since their 5 year anniversary is coming up, I wanted to give them a shout out, they always have a sweet boxed set(or some type of set) for the anniversaries and you should definitely check that out. Also being featured this week is Deli Fresh Threads, a fairly new brand dedicated to the art of sandwiches. I commend them on their amazing branding through out and I can’t wait to see where they go from here on out. Last up we have Supersonic Jellybeanz, which is a really fun and upbeat style of clothing which is very similar to Johnny Cupcakes but they still have their own style i...

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Tee Spotter Weekly – More Changes!

Hey guys! I know you’re probably getting sick of me changing things, but I promise it’s almost done! All of these changes have been made to improve the quality of the weekly show and to make Tee Spotter into the vision that I have in my head. It isn’t done yet, but the first phase of my plans are complete so you can expect things to settle down after this weeks episode. Speaking of, here it is!

This week on Tee Spotter Weekly we have three different new releases, a super cute turtle tee from Omunky, a rather unique funny saying tee from Distelfink Apparel as well as a spankin new tank top from the dudes over at TRIBE. In addition to the new threads, there are also two awesome sales going on right now. Fresh Motif is selling off their old stock to make room for new stuff, and 8 Bit Apparel(...

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New Website!

Hey guys! I hope you have all been enjoying the new weekly webseries, Tee Spotter Weekly. On top of that, we’ve just created this brand new website to go along with it! We’ve moved away from our previous home which was a wordpress.com hosted blog, and into this awesome and way better self-hosted wordpress site! Woohoo!

Now that we have so much more flexibility, you can expect to see this place turning into something even more awesome. We’ll be adding new features and stuff a little bit at a time and hopefully you’ll stick around to see! Some of those features include, but aren’t limited to, advertising spots for your brands, a bigger and more useful resources page, the ability to submit your brand for consideration for the webseries directly through the site, and tons more...

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Tee Spotter Weekly – First Episode!

As some of you may or may not know, earlier this week was the launch of a huge project of mine. I’ve been wanting to change Tee Spotter into a show for quite some time now and I finally did it! The first episode is live right now and there will be a new one every Tuesday. Please take a look and tell me what you think! The current episode and all future episodes can be found on the official Tee Spotter YouTube Channel.

But instead of talking about the show itself like I have for pretty much the entire week, I want to share what it was like for me as a blogger to make such a huge change like this and what it will mean for the future of this site.

At first I was extremely intimidated by the idea because I didn’t know much about filming or editing or e...

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We Are The Recipe Review

We Are The Recipe ReviewA little while back I did a post on We Are The Recipe and I promised a review in the future. Well, that review is here now and I hope you’re as excited as I am! This brand goes right into the “awesome packaging design” section with their custom printed pizza boxes, super original! The other extras inside included a custom printed napkin?..I think..and a few stickers.  Right off the bat I’m loving what WATR are doing with their stuff, it’s so nice to see someone actually trying to be original. And you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do it either, all they did was use a pizza box instead of a regular box and it made a world of difference and fits with their brand perfectly.

The shirt itself is great too, printing is super soft and the design is cute as hell haha It has a printed nec...

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Keepon Collective’s Brand Video & Positive Message

Brand videos are at least semi-popular these days, a lot of indie brands are starting to get their hands on some equipment and learning to experiment with new ways to get their message heard.  Some of these videos turn out horrible at best, but there are definitely some that I just love and this one done by Keepon Collective is one of my all time favorites.  Why?  Because it’s not a commercial, it’s not about getting their logo in your face, it’s about sending their message and nothing more.  Sure, their clothes are featured in the video because it would make no sense if they weren’t, but they aren’t at the core of the video.  Take 2 minutes of your day and watch this, soak it all in:

Now just try and tell me that you didn’t feel something...

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Pink ‘N’ Chewy Review

Pink 'n' Chewy Logo T-Shirt

It’s been a little while since I wrote a review, so be easy on me! haha  I recently acquired a shirt from an awesome brand called Pink ‘n’ Chewy, they have a lot of really funny, but also really dirty tees.  But don’t worry, this post is totally safe for work and for the sake of the review I requested a neutral logo shirt so I don’t offend anyone.  See how thoughtful I am? ADDED NOTE:  I’m adding this on after reviewing this, though I think these shirts are “dirty”, you might not think the same, what I see as dirty others might view as “tongue in cheek” or whatever, don’t just take my word for it, check out the website for yourself! =)

Anyway, the shirt got here SUPER fast, which is odd because usually customs between the US & Canada is fairly slow...

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Something Out Of Nothing – A Proper Brand Intro Video

Something Out Of Nothing Pocket Tee

When it comes to making videos that introduce your brand to people, it needs to be done right, and what I mean by that is it has to really get across the message you’re trying to send, it’s not a commercial(well it is, but it can’t seem like one), it’s an introduction to what people can expect from you and your brand.  Today I want to show you what I think is a very well done intro video that gets the point across without being to “sales-y”, if that makes sense.

Something Out Of Nothing (S.O.O.N) is a brand based in the UK that is really really hands on, their all about creating something and creating it WELL.  Their products are hand crafted all the way from the printing to the hang tags.  If you don’t own a brand, then I can’t stress enough how much hard work that would all  be to do...

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